laughing silver (catwingz) wrote in sacred_sensual,
laughing silver

This night

I want to wrap this night in me, to dance with the feathery tops of trees tickling my feet, to savour the luscious plum color of the twilight sky against my face, to sing with its smooth roundness slipping over my fingers. I wrap deep purple blue colours to me, nosing their secrets apart with tickles. Swimming in their beautiful roundness, sinking into their softness, the unbearable curving mystery they enclose me in.

The trees are themselves coming back into love with the sky, as they are ever reaching Her, the dome of their existence. The way the sun strikes the trees, lifting the leaves in a bright, dancing spark of "Yes!"

But now night draws its cloak over the land, whispering shut the eyes of every blade of grass, stroking the fur of each gently sleeping squirrel, bringing rest to each softly fluttering bird, coming home to its own roost. The night closes in, gently encapsulating, holding all to Her chest.
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