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Sacred Sensuality [entries|friends|calendar]
Sacred Sensuality

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My new community: [12 Sep 2007|02:03pm]

i_thank_you - a community of gratitude

Be well!
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Hello everyone! [24 Aug 2007|08:58am]

It seems we were paid a visit from a wayward troll
or perhaps a sensualist who failed to read the rules.

Ah well, c'est la vie.

How has everyone's summers been?

I have been so busy in both the spiritual and mundane worlds,
I've hardly had time to post the bits of poetry I've woven.

I'd love to see a revival here!

Peace and Be Well everyone!

- greenseer
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(new moon) [17 Apr 2007|12:36pm]

new moon
and I greet thee,
with mauve hollows
catch your howls,
drink the depths
of you—
my lips
your gullies running
with wild aster mead
bottled, brewed
beneath winter’s blankets,
ready now
to flow with burbling laughter,
to be sipped,
then swallowed—
with a deep
sensuous shiver.
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sauna magic [06 Mar 2007|11:32am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Flirting the line
of agony and ecstasy
in the sweet woodscent sauna,
air sticking to my lungs
like maple syrup,
washed clean with each plunge
through the ice
to the lake’s winter clasp,
gasping air
tasting death
hauling my body up the ladder
bare-skinned in the snow
taking the moon
into my mouth
exhaling silver dust
into the night

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[21 Jan 2007|11:00am]

Lord of my veins..come back to me..there is a boiling
since you have been gone. A craving, an empty, a mawl..

I miss you.

The breath of your words risen to stir me from what
"fathomless depths", I cannot fathom how you love me.

Come home.

The ground is covered in pure white blankets, and in
them, I want to smother you in me.

I love you.

When you rush in the door with the wintery blast,
I shall usher you with warm hands and warmer kisses.

You have been gone too long.

I know you don't believe it is so, but I suffer without
you, I lament your absence as one grieves the dead.

I need you so.
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Frustrated *sigh* [18 Jan 2007|07:45pm]

Not everything is posting where I'm wanting it to.
I know, I know, "It's not the computer..it's you."
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The Milk of All Feeds the World [17 Jan 2007|09:51am]

Dances of a dance with all fury..
A dance that is all passion, is all..
Always the all, they shall not
have him further..
It is her heart that dances..
And her dance is deadly,
for her dance is love,
deadly love,
love for her dead..
But there is hope in regeneration.
You must quiet her.
Win her with childlike poses,
and butterfly kisses poised on the wind..
(Lull her with all those 'sweet nothings'
she will not hear..
..and you shall only raise her to dance
Awake and arise he shall..
to suckle at her tender breast.
Until she is quite herself again.
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[26 Oct 2006|06:03pm]

She lit a candle for the dead,
and kissed her own
interior dead,
cradling them,
break this dormancy, awake…

A candle lit for human suffering,
a candle lit for Hecate,
She of Darkness,
guiding the arrow deep into the heart.

A garden of candles
blooms from the earthen floor,
a stone shelter in the woods,
a feral cathedral,
knit of sweat and dreams of peasants,
patchwork roof of boughs, thatch, and tears,
ground packed by reverent feet,
alter built of devotion.

A cemetery is a garden of dreaming,
a thousand souls breathing softly in unison,
their exhalations vining around our ribs,
weaving strands of memory with veins,
remembrance with arteries.

Wreath your brow
with a bouquet of bones,
hang this claw
from your ear.
Close your eyes and enter
the dark dream of the earth,
let Her darkness eclipse your light,
and become empty,

and wait to see
what may grow
in the space of darkness.
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[04 Oct 2006|05:23pm]

If you
invited me
over for tea
and toast,

I would wear
my silk skirts,
every one--
layer piled upon layer,
their folds and ruffles
heaped around my legs
than the petals of a peony.
No one hue alone
could express
the colors
beating at the curtains
of my heart.

You could
peel back
layer after layer,
the velvets and satins
till only skin remained,
my bare soul
in the mounds of fabrics
swirling around us,
lapping at our ankles
in little waves
of sunrise.

Of river
I was born--
that sinuous river
lying broad
and nude
in its silken curves.
As my layers
fall away,
you open me
like a river clam,
my wet, yielding core,
the hidden pearl
nestled within.

Two suns are rising,
my quivering heart
strung like a bead between,
my ego
by your

We swim
fully steeped
in this
ecstatic infusion
of naked
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[12 Sep 2006|09:57am]

when a beloved
has gone
do lovers hold
the wings of sacred beauty
in the embrace
of gentle silence?
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[13 Aug 2006|12:08am]

Gift your voice to me,
give your throat to the night,
cry out to the waning moon
like a siren sounding
the storming of love,
like a kettle caressed
by tongues of fire
right to the aching peak of boiling,
and beyond…
boiled over.

In that moment
you were there with me,
you an emerald dragon,
or was I the dragon,
I becoming serpent,
or we both together
to that form of coiled power,
writhing against the depthless sky.
My spine
like the petal of a lily
folding back upon itself
in flaming ecstatic unfurl. 

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[09 Aug 2006|10:15pm]

Our Lady of Luna Moth Sighs,
silver smooth,
breath kissed with honeysuckle
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[09 Aug 2006|09:52pm]

sweet, la lune
your silver palms
warm me
as your cricket children rise
into wild crecendos

is your name this month
Our Lady of Clove
and Silver Desire
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new day hatching [09 Aug 2006|09:59am]

bared skin
bared soul
loves the whispering caress
of the dreaming mist,
nestles into the eggshell
of hatching new day
with fingertip mazes
traced in the hollows
of fetal poems
gestating in dawn dew.
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Rains Release [02 Aug 2006|09:55am]

Silver droplets of rain
quivering at the tips of my hair,
wetness streaming down
the smooth skin of my back,
I pluck an a blushing apple
shining from the tree,
and my mouth tastes
the sweet summeryoung flesh,
wet with the water
of a thousand evening prayers.

My tank top clings
with thin desire,
and my breasts reach out eagerly
to the enveloping downpour,
longing for this kiss
of electric serpent tears
that strokes my skin
through ardor-dampened clothes.

For several dark moons
my womb has secluded herself
with solemn chants and fevered fasts,
mourning with the parched earth
barren with drought.
While the sky has withheld
its glistening song of laughter
I, too, have shed no drops
of crimson moon rain.

And now as the sky
finally flings herself open,
pouring and pouring,
emptying herself out,
my own dark sky
opens in empathetic joy,
unfurls in the sensuous caress
of her dusky showers,
and I am washed away
in the arms of her shining embrace.

Poetic only because it is true--I haven't menstruated for months while this drought held power over the earth. With the rains that have been falling for the last few days, my cycle has been released again.
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[01 Aug 2006|10:12pm]

white wings
gently move aside
the languid air,
over the sullen
humid-kissed trees
to touch
the face
of the moon
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This night [01 Aug 2006|09:02pm]

I want to wrap this night in me, to dance with the feathery tops of trees tickling my feet, to savour the luscious plum color of the twilight sky against my face, to sing with its smooth roundness slipping over my fingers. I wrap deep purple blue colours to me, nosing their secrets apart with tickles. Swimming in their beautiful roundness, sinking into their softness, the unbearable curving mystery they enclose me in.

The trees are themselves coming back into love with the sky, as they are ever reaching Her, the dome of their existence. The way the sun strikes the trees, lifting the leaves in a bright, dancing spark of "Yes!"

But now night draws its cloak over the land, whispering shut the eyes of every blade of grass, stroking the fur of each gently sleeping squirrel, bringing rest to each softly fluttering bird, coming home to its own roost. The night closes in, gently encapsulating, holding all to Her chest.
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song [28 Jul 2006|08:32pm]

diving into the green beyond
catching the scent
of the warm,
dappled in sun
wind gathering strength
through my thick mane

the nectar that gathers
in the grasses
among the trees
the song of summer
in slippery sweat
scratching a silky chin
wondering what it would be like
to ascend
to the tops of trees
like fireflies,
their love
in slow,
morse code
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[28 Jul 2006|04:00pm]

your soft grey

Dry soil
opens to you

coming to
at the touch
of a single

it whispers
a thousand
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To Smell a Stargazer [28 Jul 2006|02:44pm]

arching back,
fleshy, ruffled petals

a smooth, upward
curving, pistil

crimson hairs, reared,
along magenta skin.

sweeping spice
of sweat and sweet,
greets the nose

flush against
the folds of one,
peering into stars,

recounting those enigmas
yet unknown.
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