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Sacred Sensuality

exploring our sensual roots through language

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This is a sensual haven for enlightened, passionate souls,
a home for poetry and prose woven in reverence of our loving muses:
life, passion, beauty, nature, god in all forms..
the list goes on into infinity!

This is a place to exclaim beauty,
to indulge in wild, spiritual emotions.

Be your lover flesh and bone
or whimsy and wind,
no matter.
Sing your joy unto the stars
and blush at the response from god.

Any questions may be directed to greenseer,
(former journal greensidhe) your cordial moderator.


First and foremost,
I must emphasize that this is not a community for standard erotica.
If you are searching for a place to share your eloquent fantasies,
please consider my sister community sensuous_talk.

Second, I ask that any post of great length
be tucked behind a lj cut for the visual ease of everyone's friends lists.

Third, I must announce that any derogatory, sexist,
malicious or otherwise tactless
commentary will be promptly removed
and the offender will be banished from the community.

Fourth, quotes from already established poets
(ie: Rumi, Hafiz, etc) are more than welcome,
just give credit to the author.

And it is always good to remember:
All fiction, prose, poetry, photography, etc belong entirely to the author or artist.
Plagiarism and theft is not only frowned upon, but a sin against creativity.